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Pole Creek “Dream house attends to detail,” written by Ingrid Spencer 2005

On the cover: elliptical vault of Park House in “Multimedia,” Amber Dawn Barz and Mindy Pantiel 2008

Sustainable Design Resource Guide, First Edition, Phil Lawrence and Kelly Karmel co-editors

Environmentally friendly Bluff House voted Best New Home Article by Michele Gilles.

Green-building rigorous requirements in Boulder County  “Build Smart, Or Build Less?”by D. Melani

Fourmile “Rebuilding After the Fire,” Boulder County Home and Garden, Fall 2010 Backpage

Modern tech and traditional styles in “Western Architecture: Timeless Design Trends,” Barbara Nadel 2006

Exterior makeover with new entry element in “bilevel reborn,” Mindy Pantiel 2008

Elegant lobby and bike-up lane of “New Baseline Guaranty Bank,” Keely Brown 2006

High end details of Pole Creek House in “Sans logs, home stands apart,” Harry Williamson 2002

Phil Lawrence’s Woodlands Project published 1998

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