What our clients say
about us.

“Lawrence + Gómez provides full service. I felt really taken care of during the design and construction process. “ D. G.

“Most architects would bristle at collaboration, but Phil welcomed it.” K. D.

“Juana would listen to ideas that I couldn't quite conceptualize and then sketch them out for me. She really heard what I was saying.” K. S.

“Our architect did a masterful job of situating the house to maximize views of the mountains and create effective passive solar heating. The interior spaces feel expansive even though the house has a small footprint.” A.S.

“I live in a historic district, which limits what I can do to my house. Juana was great with the historical society. She understood the restrictions and still managed to come up with a great design for my remodel.” K. F.

“Phil helped us find builder to interview, and was with us when we met with all the builders. He asked them questions I never would have thought to ask, which gave us the extra information we needed to select the right builder for us.” L. S.

“Phil stayed involved in the project through construction, which really helped keep costs in check.” C.P.

“On time and on budget, with almost no drama - what else can you say!” P.H.

“Our architect brought a tremendous passion for the art of designing living spaces. I knew we would get an amazing project because our architect cared so deeply and personally about creating something magnificent.” S.M.

“Phil and Juana were so accessible. Whenever I had a question or needed to speak to them, they were always available, always ready to listen.” D. G.

“Our architects took our lifestyle, our needs, and our fondness for a wide range of fixtures, finishes, colors, styles, and elements; added their own creativity, knowledge of materials, appreciation for the area, research, and hard work; synthesized them all into a home that works, looks great, and makes us (and I think them) happy.” L.S.

“The most important contribution this architect brought to our project was integrating his interpersonal skills and character with his technical expertise. The designs were fabulous, and it was his integrity and willingness to go the extra mile that made all the difference.” P. H.

“The home meets all of our physical needs, providing comfortable spaces for entertaining, relaxing, working, and playing; and we use all of the home's spaces – none have proven to be extraneous. We also continue to marvel at the beauty of our surroundings, both outside the many windows and inside. Just being there is a great joy to us. L.S.




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